6th to 13th May '17
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European Curling Championships C-Division 2017 Andorra
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European Curling Championships C-Division information


I enclose documents relating to ECC-C 2017. For those to be returned to the WCF please do so as soon as you have the required information, and by the final return date shown at the latest. Please note that biographies must be sent electronically (word-format please) and not hand written. Please do not have forms returned to the WCF by single players but have them collected and returned in one lot.

Team photographs should be sent to saskia.mueller-gastell@worldcurling.org by Friday 01 April 2017 at the latest.


Participating teams are responsible for their own flight costs. The airport that teams should fly to is Barcelona (IATA-Code: BCN).

Accommodation and meal vouchers

The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is able to offer you three accommodation options. Attached please find the respective information and booking form. To make a reservation please complete the attached form and return it to faeg@faeg.ad by 03 April 2017. Accommodation can be paid for by credit card, bank transfer or cash. Please note that the accommodation in the hotels includes half board (breakfast and dinner) whereas the prices quoted for the apartments include lodging only!

Meal vouchers can also be ordered in advance with the same form. The meals consist of a starter, a main course and one drink. These meals will be served in the restaurant of the ice-rink.

Airport transfer

Pick-up from Barcelona airport and transfer to your hotel in Andorra can also be booked via the above mentioned accommodation form.

Opening and Closing Functions

The attendance at the Opening Reception is free for team members (a total of 6 persons = 5 players including the team coach)
Additional tickets can be purchased at a reasonable price. Tickets for the Closing Banquet can be purchased via the attached booking form.


Teams should arrive no later than 06 May 2017. Departure can be anytime on 14 May 2017.


Please find attached copy of the final draw.

Event Crests

Team Event Crests will be sent to the Secretariat of your Curling Association at a later date.

Cresting Policy

Your attention is drawn to the attached Cresting Policy. Please note that submissions of proposed crests, either national or sponsor, must be made to the WCF Secretariat by 01 May 2017. These submissions should be forwarded either by the Member Association concerned or accompanied by written approval of the Member Association. This is necessary to ensure that advertising on team crests does not conflict with products of major event sponsors. Written approval of the WCF is therefore required.

Dope Testing

Dope testing may be carried out during the competition, and any competitors who are currently taking any medication which is on the banned list of substances must firstly seek expert medical advice on the possibility of it being substituted by a comparable substance which is not on the banned list. If this is not possible, a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) in respect of the banned substance must be made by 01 April 2017 to the World Curling Federation, 3 Atholl Crescent, Perth PH1 5NG, Scotland, email: tue@worldcurling.org.

A copy of the list of banned substances and methods as issued by the World Anti -Doping Agency (The 2017 Prohibited List), TUE information, TUE application form and the WCF Anti -Doping Rules can be found on the following link http://www.worldcurling.org/anti-doping-and-medical.

If TUE applications are not returned by 01 April 2017 the granting of TUE by the WCF prior to the Competition cannot be guaranteed.

The Anti-Doping Rules of the World Curling Federation will apply and the attached Anti-Doping Rules Acknowledgement (See ECC-C Forms 2017) must be signed by all participants in the competition and returned to saskia.mueller-gastell@worldcurling.org or fax +44 1738 451641 by 01 April 2017.

The WCF is required by the WADA to follow these procedures. It is therefore extremely important that ALL ATHLETES who may participate at WCF events are fully aware of these requirements and also provided with the necessary medical advice.